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"Bad things always happen in Jakarta. That’s for sure.
To be honest, I don’t hate this city. I hate the memories and ‘events’ that happen here. I hate the fact that most of my relatives live here.
You can say I’m a bad ass for hating my own relatives but I can’t take the pain they always give to me and my family. Fights, disagreements, problems, I can’t take it! I’m sick of it that’s for sure.
For those who read this, it’s up to you to judge what kind of person I am. I don’t care if you consider me bad or good. Thanks."

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Paradise indeed

Paradise indeed

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Reason #7283 Hatake Kakashi is one of my absolute favourite characters in Naruto.

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"I will always love you."

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SKE48 performs Utsukushii Inazuma Live Band Version on Music fair

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Don't worry I'm innocent.



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